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The Low Armor Cast Launches

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

An introduction to the world of The Fold, the Pit Crew, and their adventures in the Great Sport and beyond!

The World of the Fold has found its fandom, its sport, and its diplomacy in the Great Sport, Champion Armor Combat. We follow the adventures of the Pit Crew, a squad of of short stack heroes who just have a regular job, support the Champion Armor of their Gladiator Lanik for their sponsor, Lord Morningsun. Things almost immediately go awry and we find ourselves listening to their tales every fortnight.

“It's like if you took Real Steel and A Knight's Tale and smashed them together.”

You can find this podcast anywhere podcasts are heard, every other Monday, but if you want to be super cool you can follow us on social media. @theLowAc on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as well as go to our Patreon and get bonus content like after talks, movie reviews, or whatever else we can throw at you!

The Players

Dungeon Mother - Steven Kelsey Merit Grimclank - Kelsey Steven Iron Scratch of the Twisting Peaks - Aaron Blalack Tama "Tasilius the Speaker" Taleofo - Ron Leota

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