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The cast of The Low Armor Cast (see what I did there) is made up of close friends who all wanted to play D&D with each other. After some discussions and cajoling by the Game Mother (GM) Steve, they came up with an idea, some characters, and Steve created a whole world of nonsense for them to play in. This Podcast is presented by Dying of Exposure, but it is really an excuse to get together, goof around with dice, and enjoy each other's company. We hope you enjoy listening to us play in our little fantasy worlds.


Kelsey Steven

Steven Kelsey

The Cast of Players

The Smiling Group.png

Kelsey appears with Steve on the talkback series of all things Dimension 20, they are an award winning cosplayer, and have a hilarious if occasionally updated Twitter (ChaisMyDumpStat

Ron Leota has been creating LARPs, Games, and Podcasts for years (Including The Roles We Play with Steve currently) and is a fantastic Roleplayer!

Ron Leota

Aaron Blalack is the physical manifestation of a Dad Joke and a Meme Lord to be found as Triple A Rawn on Youtube and Twitter (if you want some hot politcal takes.

Aaron Blalack

Steven is the Game Mother, harried with podcasts at all times with various people, and main creator behind Dying of Exposure! Go check out the Youtube Channel (DyingofExposure)

The Character They Play

Merit Grimclank

Tama "Tasilius the Speaker" Taleofo

Iron Scratch of the Twisting Peaks

Played by Kelsey Steven

Played by Ron Leota

Played by Aaron Blalack

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